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Discover our comprehensive home repair services, including TV mounting, chandelier & ceiling fan installations, doors & hardware repair, appliance installation, and more. Our skilled craftsmen also handle drywall repair, faucet replacement, furniture assembly, and painting jobs. Transform your space with cabinet hardware installation, closet sliding doors, and more. Sit back, relax, and let us take care of all your home repair needs!

Chandelier & Ceiling Fans Installation

The Handyman Repair Company offers top-notch services for chandelier and ceiling fan installation. Their experienced team ensures that these fixtures are safely and accurately installed, providing not only an enhanced visual appeal to the space but also ensuring optimal functionality. From assessing the ceiling’s structural integrity to proper wiring and mounting, they handle every aspect with care and precision to deliver a final product that adds both elegance and comfort to the room.

Doors & Hardware Repair or Installation

When it comes to doors and hardware, The Handyman Repair Company is the go-to choice for seamless repair and installation services. Whether it’s fixing squeaky hinges, adjusting misaligned doors, or installing new ones, their skilled professionals deliver impeccable results. Additionally, they offer hardware installation, including locks, handles, and knobs, ensuring that all doors in the property function smoothly and provide the necessary security.

Appliance Installation

The Handyman Repair Company specializes in appliance installation, helping clients effortlessly integrate their new appliances into their homes. From refrigerators and dishwashers to ovens and washing machines, their team ensures proper connections to electricity, water, and gas lines, all while adhering to safety standards. By relying on their expertise, customers can enjoy peace of mind knowing their appliances are installed efficiently and are ready to use.

TV Mounting

The Handyman Repair Company excels in providing professional and secure TV mounting services. Whether it’s a flat-screen TV, curved display, or home theater setup, their skilled technicians ensure precise installation to give customers a seamless viewing experience. With careful consideration of wall materials and using appropriate mounting hardware, they guarantee that the TV is securely fixed at the perfect angle, leaving no visible wires for a neat and aesthetically pleasing result.

Drywall Repair

For expert drywall repair, The Handyman Repair Company delivers impeccable services to restore the appearance of damaged or cracked walls. Their skilled craftsmen meticulously patch, sand, and paint affected areas, seamlessly blending the repair with the existing wall finish. Whether the damage is due to accidents, moisture, or regular wear and tear, their team ensures a flawless finish, leaving the walls looking as good as new.

Faucet Replacement or Upgrade

The Handyman Repair Company offers efficient faucet replacement and upgrade services. Whether customers want to replace a worn-out faucet or upgrade to a more stylish and water-efficient model, their experts handle the process with ease. From shutting off water supply lines to installing the new fixture and checking for leaks, their professionals guarantee a smooth and hassle-free experience, leaving clients with a fully functional and visually appealing faucet.

Toilet, Repair, or Replacement

Dealing with toilet issues can be troublesome, but The Handyman Repair Company makes it easy with their expert toilet repair and replacement services. Whether it’s a running toilet, a leaky tank, or a complete replacement, their team has the knowledge and experience to fix the problem promptly. They also help customers choose and install a new toilet if needed, ensuring it fits perfectly and operates efficiently.

Furniture Assembling

The Handyman Repair Company takes the stress out of furniture assembly by providing reliable and efficient services. Whether it’s a flat-pack piece or complex modular furniture, their skilled technicians swiftly put together the items, following manufacturer instructions with precision. Clients can count on their expertise to ensure stable and correctly assembled furniture, allowing them to enjoy their new pieces without the hassle of DIY assembly.

Furniture Repair

When furniture starts to show signs of wear, The Handyman Repair Company offers skilled furniture repair services to bring it back to life. From fixing wobbly chairs and tables to repairing scratches and dents, their craftsmen use appropriate techniques and materials to restore the furniture’s functionality and aesthetics. Their meticulous approach ensures that the repaired furniture retains its original charm.

Painting Jobs

The Handyman Repair Company provides comprehensive painting services to refresh and transform interior and exterior spaces. From color selection advice to surface preparation and meticulous painting application, their skilled painters deliver flawless results. Whether it’s a single room, the entire house, or external surfaces, they use high-quality materials and techniques to ensure a smooth and durable finish, elevating the overall appearance of the property.

Cabinets Hardware & Closets Sliding Doors Installation

The Handyman Repair Company provides professional installation of cabinet hardware and sliding doors for closets. Whether it’s installing new handles, knobs, or pulls to update the look of cabinets, or fitting sliding doors for space-saving and stylish closet organization, their team ensures precision in every step. With their expertise, clients can transform their cabinets and closets into efficient and visually appealing spaces.

Pictures & Mirrors Hanging

For picture-perfect walls, The Handyman Repair Company offers expert picture and mirror hanging services. Their skilled team ensures precise placement, using appropriate tools and techniques to safely hang items of various sizes and weights. With their keen eye for aesthetics and level precision, clients can trust that their artwork, mirrors, and decorations will be showcased beautifully.

Cabinet's Installation

The Handyman Repair Company excels in cabinet installation, ensuring seamless integration into any room. Whether it’s kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, or storage units, their skilled professionals meticulously measure, level, and secure the cabinets in place, ensuring a sturdy and aesthetically pleasing result. They pay attention to detail, making sure doors and drawers function smoothly, and that the overall appearance aligns with the client’s vision.

Kitchen Sink Disposal

Repair or Replacement

Efficient kitchen sink disposal services: Our expert team installs, repairs, and maintains garbage disposals. Enjoy hassle-free food waste disposal, reduced odors, and a cleaner environment. We ensure proper connections, safe operation, and offer tips for optimal usage. Enhance your kitchen convenience today

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Experience enhanced safety and efficiency with our professional dryer vent cleaning service. Our experts remove lint, debris, and blockages, reducing fire risks and improving dryer performance. Breathe easy knowing your home is protected. Schedule your cleaning today!